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Health Benefits Administration

We thrive on saving companies money.

Very few TPA's audit their claims in-house. Instead, they employ an outside auditing firm, which can result in significant problems.

  • Leading Edge gives you access to twice the available national and regional networks of other TPAs. This means the greatest potential discount on charges billed to you.
  • We minimize not only fixed costs but also reduce claims costs by as much as 30%. Our proprietary claims management system and mitigation protocols significantly reduce your plan expenses in a given year, which can translate into lower employee premiums the following year.
  • Our proprietary real-time Double-Check Audit Engine™ automatically reviews and then re-checks every claim for incorrect charges and billing errors.
  • This 'adjudicate and audit' process is overseen by industry experts who understand every detail of your plan as well as the nuances of ever-changing healthcare laws.


We're always on top of it, which means you will be too.

As one of the industry's acknowledged experts in the field of Health Benefits Administration, we are always preparing for what's coming next. Since Leading Edge works with over twice the available networks as other TPAs, you'll be able to select the network with the largest reach in your area. This means your employees have the greatest likelihood of keeping their existing doctors.

We keep an eye out for your employees and HR department during the transition.

Switching to self-insuring calls for a delicate balance between cost containment and participant satisfaction. Leading Edge works hand-in-hand with your HR Department to make the switch as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

We have highly experienced underwriters on staff. Why? We want you to be 100% confident with the choices you make whether you are moving to self-insuring or changing TPAs. The sole job of our underwriters is to help you develop the best possible risk-to-benefit ratio for your plan needs

We're as a strong as the large insurers.

Leading Edge Administrators has been awarded SOC-2 accreditation - the same accreditation given to large networks.

CHALLENGE: Ask any TPA you're considering if they're SOC-2 accredited.

We have a super-friendly client interface.

Our client interface was built from the ground up with you in mind. Fully automated, it gives you simple, easy-to-navigate information on networks, vendors, and payroll services providers, including online real-time financial and claims reporting.

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How Can We Help You

Please follow the link below and explore how we can both help, and better serve you. We appreciate you visiting our site and we look forward to helping.

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