Leading Edge Administrators

Leading Edge Administrators is an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) of medical benefits with deep backgrounds in underwriting, finance, information technology, and actuarial sciences.

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Leading Edge Administrators is an independent Third Party Administrator partnering with government contract work service providers to enable them to offer a full range of health, dental and other employee benefits while fully complying with all federal, state and local legal requirements. We make the complicated simple.

For more than a decade our clients have relied on our expertise and experience to give them a distinct edge in the marketplace, assisting them with benefits administration, recruitment and retention and, more recently, increasingly complicated legal and reporting compliance. Our proprietary Prevailing Wage Program is highly popular with employers and employees alike. In addition, our commitment to personalized customer service sets us apart from other TPAs in the market.

Easy Access Benefit Solutions

Dedicated Customer Service Team - Providing assistance in utilizing benefits and filing claims.

IVR Technology - Enabling employees to quickly and easily access information in one call.

Multi-Lingual - All services, materials and resources are available in English, Spanish, Russian, French Creole, Mandarin, Cantonese and other languages.

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How Can We Help You

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