Shared Savings

This unit is truly one of LEA's market distinguishers - we perform a number of proprietary cost containment measures that yield 6x ROI vs competitors/carriers. These various programs are integrated into our TPA services, although they are also available to be sold to other organizations (including carriers) as stand-alone services.

  • Audit and denials for fraud, waste, abuse, and errors
  • Out-of-network negotiation
  • Radiology, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, and pathology (REAPs)
  • Direct negotiation (RBP)
  • Single Case agreement
  • Dialysis carve-out
  • Home infusion
  • Subrogation
  • Deployment of high-performance networks

Shared Savings looks forward to continuing to support our clients in their cost-saving initiatives on our newly updated website that will be launching 1/1/2024.





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